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About Markus Torgeby

Markus Torgeby, a former promising long-distance runner, chose solitude in the Swedish wilderness for four years, an experience documented in by SVT. Torgeby’s book ”The Runner” detailing his upbringing and forest years, became an international bestseller. This period transformed his outlook on life, highlighting the negative impact of modern stress and societal pressures. Today, Markus lives near Åre in northern part of Sweden with his wife Frida and their three daughters, not far from his solitary retreat. Together, they’ve authored ”Under the Open Skies” and “En plats på jorden” (A Place on Earth).


Markus is renowned for his motivational speeches, blending storytelling with inspiration, making him a sought-after speaker worldwide. He encourages embracing personal journeys and finding strength in adversity.


Book Markus for a talk about finding what truly matters beyond materialism and achievement. His storytelling and motivational speaking continue to inspire, urging individuals to embrace their personal paths and discover resilience in challenges. His lectures delve into life’s essential truths beyond consumerism and performance.





In the new book En plats på jorden (A place on earth) readers receive valuable advice, clever shortcuts, and 1.5 hours of educational YouTube tutorials. Markus demonstrates how anyone can create their own ”hideaway” where time seems to slow down. Watch the full video here with English subtitles.